Features of the App

Features of the App

You can add 5 types of additional information after you click a button. These will always tag to the last button click. You can see them in button history. For duration button if you add tags while the timer is running on the button it will attach to the previous entry.

Here you can make changes to button behaviour , appearance and summary calculation. In settings you can make a button private which requires passcode to use. You can also choose which tags to show up on left swipe of a button.

Watch Features

You can use this type of button to Count anything . Create a count type button in the application , give it an appropriate name to indicate what you want to count. E.g. to count the number of days you exercise you can create an ‘Exercise button’ and click the button whichever day you

TrackerButtons on Apple Watch makes it very convenient to tap on the buttons. Buttons created on the phone appear on the watch with the same colour.

Count button on the watch. Tap on the button to increment count of your activity.

Value button on the watch. Tapping value button bringas us screen where can enter the value. You cannot enter item name but you can always edit the history entry on the phone.

Duration button on the watch. Tap to start and tap again to stop.

Private buttons on the watch are indicated by the lock symbol in the top corner. Private buttons are displayed on the watch only when they are unlocked by password on the phone.